Welcome to The Cats Pyjamas Cattery


Our cattery is situated in Kintore, only 15 minutes away from Aberdeen and owned and run by Isabel Craib who is FAB trained.


The purpose built chalet accommodation has been designed by Pet Homes and is situated in a rural garden setting. Each suite is thermostatically heated to ensure that our furry friends are kept toasty warm and cosy all year round. The chalet is kept as homely as possible to provide our feline guests a relaxing and comfortable stay.


We understand that staying in a cattery can be stressful for some cats and therefore we routinely use feliway, a feline pheromone diffuser which helps reduce anxiety in cats and encourages them to settle into their holiday home. Our carers are also close on hand to provide lots of cuddles and tasty treats to make your cat’s stay as pleasurable experience as possible.


Regular emails can be sent to owners if you would like to

be kept up-to-date on how your cat is during his/her stay.