Our Facilities - The very best for your cat


Each pen has its own chalet with window, cat flap and heating.  Individual secure runs with shelves allow the cats to sit and view the outside world.  Indoor cats can be housed comfortably. 


Our aim is to provide your feline friend(s) with the best possible care.


Our feline accommodation is brand new, purpose built, clean, heated, full of home comforts and built to FAB standards.


You are welcome to visit us and take a look around. We are happy to cater for your cat’s individual needs and will be pleased to discuss your requirements. Owners are encouraged to bring their cats’s own bed, blankets and toys, however we are also happy to provide everything your cat(s) need during their stay.


We only feed top quality food to our guests and cater for all tastes. We also have extra tasty treats such as fresh chicken or fish on hand to tempt fussy eaters or fearful felines. If you prefer, you are welcome to bring your cat’s own food or favourite snacks. Cats on veterinary/prescription diets are also welcome to stay but we do request that owners provides their cat’s special diet and feeding instructions.


We have suitable sized suites to accommodate both multi-cat households who want to live together or individual cats who prefer their own company.


Our Rates

  • Single cat per night - £11.00
  • 2 cats sharing per night - £9.50
  • Multiple cats - please contact us


No charge if pet is collected by 11.30 on day of departure

25% non-refundable deposit to guarantee reservation